10 Best First Person Shooting

10 Best FPS Games – Popular Shooter Games

One of the oldest and most enjoyed genres in the gaming industry – First Person Shooting Games. Game genres are constantly going in and out, but Shooting games are always an enjoyable experience for most gamers. Some of the best Shooting games like DOOM, COD, and Battlefield have been the leading games of this genre and are loved by gamers all across the world.

The reason why many gamers love FPS games is because of the realistic physics, immersive gameplay, and beautiful details in the environment. Each popular First Person Shooting game differs from the other as it has something special to offer than the other. First Person games often make up for an enjoyable time due to their indulging and realistic nature that lets you feel the absolute pleasure of how it is like to be on the battlefield yourself.

The List of the best First Person Shooting games is never ending but below are some of the highly rated ones.

1. Left 4 Dead 2

Not the first Zombie First Person Shooting game but certainly among some of the best Shooting games of its time. Left 4 Dead was created by Valve and became an instant hit due to its thrilling co-op gameplay. This game features various kinds of zombies, each with its individual strengths and weak points, which is indeed among some of the best features of this game and really puts your combat and survival skills to the test.

What makes Left 4 Dead 2 so special is the beautiful environment, cinematic gameplay, and addictive action that makes it so easy to get back to the game even after so many years.

left 4 dead 2 game

2. Call Of Duty

The Call Of Duty franchise is deemed amongst the best First Person Shooter games to be ever created in terms of the campaign. The game features extreme combat gameplay along with an action-packed campaign mode that is always a pleasure to play and has players indulged for hours.

.call of duty

The game is also loved for its multiplayer mode and iconic characters in the campaign, like Ghost and Captain Price. COD has always heavily focused on the little details and has tried to create the most realistic gun physics in the gaming industry. Some of the highly rated games of the COD franchise are COD Modern Warfare II and COD Modern Warfare Remastered.

3. Battlefield

The Battlefield game franchise is pretty much similar to that of Call of Duty, but instead, this popular First Person Shooting game franchise is based mainly on wars and real events that took place in history.

This gives users the chance to experience the past events in a much more detailed and exciting way. Battlefield is amongst the best Shooting games due to its realistic combat experience and beautiful surroundings, along with an indulging gameplay that will have you hooked for hours.

battlefield game

4. Far Cry

Far Cry is stunningly impressive and supposedly included in the best open-world FPS game franchises. Far Cry is said to be in some of the top open-world shooting games, with a breathtaking open world that is heavily focused on details of the surroundings.

This popular FPS franchise continues to evolve over the years and never fails to give the fans a delightful experience like never before. Far Cry is loved for its aggressive and terrifying villains that are always cherished by gamers due to their notable lines and a significant part in the storyline that enhances the gameplay experience.

farcry fps game

5. Rainbow 6 Siege

Rainbow Six Siege has come a really long way in terms of evolution. This popular First Person Shooting game is a really unique game that features exciting movement and combat mechanics that make up for hard-to-master yet gratifying gameplay. This game is considered one of the best FPS games due to its unique characters and gadgets and competitive gameplay that is not recommended for gamers who like casual games.

rainbow 6 siege


DOOM is a classic entry to the popular First Person Shooting games franchise and is said to be one of the pioneers of FPS games. DOOM introduced many exciting features that are used in new-gen First Person Shooting games, like ambient lighting, a deathmatch mode, and a lot more. DOOM games are known for their engrossing storyline and an action -packed gameplay that will have you gripping the edge of your chair the whole time. The reason why DOOM is one of the best First Person Shooter Games is that it features a massive arsenal of intriguing weapons and a collection of enemies that will attack you in every way possible.


7. Borderlands

Borderlands is a unique First Person Shooting game acclaimed by gamers worldwide due to its vibrant cartoon-like graphics that instantly caught many eyes. Borderlands ranks among the best First Person Shooting games due to its impressive combat style, a wide variety of weapons, captivating campaign mode, along with various DLCs. The game is known as a distinctive FPS game experience and is praised for its villains that are sure to fill you with rage.


8. Counter-Strike

Listed as one of the most popular First Person Shooting games that revolutionized multiplayer FPS gaming with its competitive and strategic gameplay and amongst the first few games that featured realistic gun physics. Counter-Strike is possibly the only multiplayer game that is loved by people and is still being played by many, even after a decade after its release.

This best game features objective-based gameplay in which the first team to reach the objective wins. Counter-Strike features phenomenal gameplay and gun physics that are sure to give you an experience like never before.

counter strike

9. Half-Life

Half-Life is considered one of the best PC games and ranks in the list of the best First Person Shooting games to be ever made. Half-Life altered how traditional FPS games used to work by embedding such a lively storyline and an amazing way of storytelling to the FPS gaming genre that no game had experienced before. Half-Life was said to be way beyond its time in terms of storytelling, gameplay and graphics and created a storytelling experience that no game has been able to replicate the way this popular game did.

half life

10. HALO

HALO is an extraordinary Sci-Fi First Person Shooting game that features advanced graphics and a fascinating storyline. HALO is one the best games and is loved by gamers who love FPS games with a hint of modern and Sci-Fi touch to it. The game features an exciting campaign where you are in control of a character known as Master Chief, who is on a journey to unravel the mystery of an unusual object called the Halo.

halo first person shooting game

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