10 Best Indie Games As On 2023

In this blog, we will look at the 10 top Indie Games that have revolutionized the traditional practices of the gaming industry. Back then, creating a game was quite a difficult task that demanded a lot of time and capital because technology and computers were less affordable. But in today’s day and age, the apparatus necessary for creating an adequate is available in most homes.

Thanks to the innovation in science that resulted in technology becoming inexpensive, a new genre of gaming came into existence. Indie games – A large part of the modern gaming industry emerged when small teams started creating games that instantly became a hit. This put a lot of pressure on the gaming giants to create more AAA titles that are safe whilst it gave the Indie developers a chance to become more artistic and take more risks.

The top Indie games of all time have exceeded the norms and brought gamers an experience like never before. In the Indie gaming industry, there are times when the Indie games surpass major AAA titles; like in 2022, Among Us took the world by storm and offered a unique party experience that was enjoyed by many. 

Similarly, a whole sea of Indie games is waiting to be explored, out of which we will unravel some in this blog.

1. Among Us

Amidst the Pandemic, the only thing that kept most of us engaged and distracted from being locked at home for so long was Among Us. The game was initially created by a team of three people known as Inner Sloth and had already been in the industry for more than two years before it became a global phenomenon. This top Indie game seized the world’s attention and was everywhere, from Youtube to Twitch.

among us indie games

The game gathered moderate reviews and was cherished by players all across the globe to the extent that people played it the whole day. The game featured a simple objective where the players were divided into two teams; The crewmates and the Impostors. The crewmates had to complete the given tasks or find out who the impostors were before the Impostors eliminated everyone

2. Stardew Valley

A cute and amusing RPG farming simulator with an engrossing storyline and character development. The game revolves around your inheritance of a piece of land from your grandfather; it is your responsibility to rehabilitate and bring it to its maximum potential. Once your farm is up and running, you can also establish good relationships with the people in your town and progress the storyline.

stardew valley indie game

The game is based on the popular Nintendo game franchise – Harvest Moon, which caught the eye of many PC gamers which instantly made the game famous. The game sold over 10 million copies and moved to platforms other than PC after its popularity. The game is known to keep players indulged for hours, letting them experience all kinds of pleasures, from fishing on the  beach to engaging in combat with dangerous creatures in a min.

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3. Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a fan favorite and ranks among the top 10 Indie games. The game proved to be an immense success and was widely adored by gamers of all ages. The idea of the game is based around an engaging battle  royale  game that allows players to partake in various minigames throughout the match.

fall guys indie game

The matches take place in colorful locations that enhance the game’s overall experience and elevate the fun 10x. The game redefined the battle royale experience and gave players something unique to enjoy. Fall Guys had players captivated for a long time with its engaging gameplay and amusing visuals.  

4. Cuphead

A fun run-and-gun game that primarily focuses on intense boss battles and has a unique combat system that will take you for a ride. The game offers breathtaking visuals with matching atmospheric music that creates an immersive sensation similar to experiencing a retro cartoon.

best indie game cuphead

 The game became massively popular because of its unique art and gameplay. The game showcases crisp animation, especially during the boss battles that will have you gripping the edge of your seat and make it difficult to divert your attention from the screen.

5. Minecraft

Surprisingly, Minecraft, one of the top indie games of all time, was also developed by a small team. Although, with so many features and allowing players to do literally whatever they want to, the game seems too good to be called an Indie game. Minecraft has updated over time and has become a very extensive game to the extent that it will have you fooled into thinking it is a AAA title. 

minecraft indie game

6. Limbo

Indie games can really surprise you when it comes to the visuals. Limbo is a black-and-white platformer where you are set to find your sister. The game consists of mesmerizing locations like an industrial town and a forest and amazing gameplay mechanics that will have you invested. The breathtaking visuals and matching atmospheric music will surely fill you with horror while you lose yourself in the world of Limbo.

indie game limbo

In Limbo, you will find a spider following you throughout your journey that you will have to tackle by completing multiple puzzles as the game progresses. The game features no combat, but the puzzles are sure to check your problem-solving and critical thinking and might even leave many scratching their hands. After you have completed Limbo, you will be reliving the same thing again because, as the name indicates, you are stuck in Limbo.

7. Undertale

Hard to believe that this game was created by one person alone. Undertale is an action-packed Indie game topped with impressive pixel art-style graphics. The game draws a great deal of inspiration from the classic Nintendo RPG Earth Bound. The game became instantly popular amongst PC players due to the extensive freedom in the gameplay that allows players to literally take the game in any direction possible, depending on their decisions.

undertale indie game

In Undertale, you play as a boy who is lost in a world full of monsters and has to escape. Although it may seem very straightforward upon hearing at first but the game packs within a whole new odyssey. The game contains many exciting characters that you will come in contact with on your journey, along with an entire arsenal of decisions ranging from handling your problems with fists and swords to using magical spells and even flirting with the enemies.

8. Hades

Ranked amongst the top 10 indie games, Hades is a thrilling roguelike game filled with a lot of action and quality adventure for you to enjoy. The game offers enthralling graphics and an amazing sound theme that will have you gripped to the game. The plot of Hades draws inspiration from Classic Greek Mythology but with a unique element of its own.

In Hades, you take on the role of Zagreus, the Son of Hades, who is on a journey to leave the Underworld in order to meet his mother. In this game, Zagreus’ father is against his wish of going to meet his mother, due to which you will encounter many difficulties like his father’s henchmen that will try and stop you from leaving the Underworld.

hades game indie

The game doesn’t seem to have any ending due to constant updates and a continuous gameplay cycle where you are bound to start from the beginning once you fail to escape. With every death, you will grow stronger and unlock new weapons and buffs to help you escape effectively

9. Inside

A perfect example of exceptional storytelling and a follow-up to the classic platformer Limbo. The game is pretty much similar to Limbo, where you play as a Child that is trying to escape a monochromatic abstract world where everything is on the hunt for you.

inside indie game

The game will surely frighten you with its dark environment, perplexing and terrific atmospheric music with dark art. Inside is an amazing piece of art that will provide you with an almost perfect gameplay due to its exceptional ragdoll physics and a unique story.

10. Celeste

One of the top 10 Indie games that has won the hearts of many gamers and is sure to take your breath away with its absorbing platform gameplay. The game features amazing 16-bit graphics and fast-paced, addictive gameplay that will have you hooked.

celeste game indie

In Celeste, you play as a Climber who has aimed to conquer a mountain by climbing its top. Celeste is sure to check your platforming skills with its distinctive and challenging levels and tough obstacles. In case the game is too difficult for you, there are a variety of assists that you can turn on that will assist you and let you enjoy the storyline.

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