Best Browser Multiplayer Games To Play With Friends In 2023

We all need something we can play without having to download it. Well, we bring you a list of multiplayer games you can play on your browser with your friends without having to go through the hassle of downloading them. Following is the list of the most popular browser multiplayer games.

1. is a draw-and-guess multiplayer browser games to play with  friends. The game has a simple mechanic where players select a word and have to draw whatever they choose. The other players have to guess what the player is drawing in a given time. Each player gets their turn to draw while the others guess, and the player with the most points wins. The game can be played with friends by creating a room or with random players as well.


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Agar is a multiplayer browser game that you can play with your friends or with random people on the internet. The game is based on the simple concept that you start off as a small particle and have to grow and get bigger by consuming other particles. You have to survive other players as well and get bigger in order to win. The game can be played in a room where 20 players can easily play together so that you can enjoy the game in a large group as well.

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3. CATAN Universe

A multiplayer browser games where players can compete against or cooperate with each other. The game can ruin friendships, so be careful before playing it. The game’s goal is to collect and gather resources and make a settlement with
other players where you decide whether you want to cooperate with them or compete against them. It’s a lot like monopoly but somewhat different. You can choose a custom board or a random one. Most of the options in the game are free, whilst some are paid.

catan universe


A modern version of the old snake game from 2000s mobile phones. The game is available for both Android and PC. The concept matches, but the modern art and visuals make it worthwhile. You start off as a small worm, and you have to eat food and other worms to get bigger, but be careful of the more giant snakes as they will quickly eat you. You have to avoid colliding with another worm’s head, or else you will lose. You can also customize your worm with cosmetics that you can unlock upon levelling up or by buying them from the shop.

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Browser Games Multiplayer

5. is a free browser multiplayer games you can play with friends. The game is a multiplayer sandbox where you are in control of a small tribe of minions who gather resources, collect and hunt animals for you and do a lot more. You have to be aware of other players as well as they are on the hunt for you. You can create alliances with other players or play against each other. You are free to choose your strategy, as everything depends on your plan. The minions only interact with the objects when they are in their sight, otherwise, they will sit idle.

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6. Minecraft Classic

If you are a fan of Minecraft, then Minecraft Classic might be the perfect browser game you can play with your friends. The game offers simple build and craft mechanics like the original game, just with limited elements and blocks. You can simply create a URL that you can share with your friends, which creates your personal world where you and your friends can build and create whatever you want. The game is best for players who wish to experience the authentic minecraft experience on their browsers. It is one of the best browser games to play with friends.

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7. Pokemon Showdown

A treat for Pokemon lovers. The game is a multiplayer browser pokemon battle simulator where players can choose a team according to their choice or generate a random team and battle against other players. The game features a variety of Pokemon to choose from and a lot of attacks and unique combos. Pro players often use the simulatorto test their moves   decks before battling in a competitive match.

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If you ever wished for a pixel shooting game you can play for free that too on your browser, then is the answer to your prayers. is an immersive multiplayer pixel shooting game for browsers that you can play with your friends. The game contains many classes with multiple weapons like Snipers, Assault Rifles,  Marksman Rifles and Shotguns to choose from. You can customize your gun by applying a skin on it. Skins can be bought from the shop or can be earned by cases that you can open using the credit earned by playing the game.

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9. is a simple Chess game on your browser, just like the name indicates. You can play it with your friends or with random people and even a computer to polish your chess skills. Nevertheless, a great source of entertainment and an excellent exercise for your mind. It is one of the best browser multiplayer games you can play with the friends.


10. is a tactical shooting multiplayer browser game that you can play with your friends. The game offers a top view for an immersive pixel shooting game experience. The game has two modes and three maps for players to have fun with. A variety of characters having different weapons is present. Every character has a unique ability that players can select according to their liking.

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