10 Top Puzzle Games for PC in 2023

Puzzles  Games have been with us since a long time. Us humans love solving problems no matter what form it comes in. At the core every game is a puzzle, it could be a crossword you loved or a jigsaw maybe even a tetris game; From simple sudoku to the major titles like Lara Croft all of these are puzzle games, from which we will be listing some of the best puzzle games  for you to try.

1. Tetris

Tetris is  one of the best puzzle games  that has stuck around for a long time and people enjoy playing it to this day. The game features a simple goal where you have to arrange the falling blocks in such a pattern that they form a complete row and keep the blocks from stacking over each other. If the blocks stack up and reach the limit you will lose. As the game progresses, the blocks will reach the ground faster, hence making the game more challenging.

tetris puzzle game

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2. The Witness

The Witness is an open-world puzzle game where you wake up on a mysterious island with no knowledge of the past. You have no clue where you are, who you are and where you belong to. Your goal is to discover the island and find clues and solve intriguing puzzles that will leave you scratching your head. Solve puzzles to gain memory of your past and find your way back home.

the witness best puzzle game

3. Baba is You

Baba is You is considerably one of the best puzzle games online  where you are in control of the world around you. You make the rules of how the game works, and in each level you can change how an object works when you interact with it. You can change a block to when you touch it you turn into a rock and a block being simple grass when you interact with it turn into a fiery hot object. You can even change the whole plot of the level, ultimately changing where you have to reach.

baba is you top puzzle game

4. Portal 2

Portal 2 is a platform shooting puzzle game sequel to the original Portal Game. Players have claimed that the sequel is far better than the original because of the advanced visuals and sound effects. The game features a single player story where players have to stop the evil computer GLaDOS who has his evil plans. The game features a number of puzzles along the game and a multiplayer mode as well where you can play with other players and enjoy the game.

portal 2

5. The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle is one of the best puzzle games based in an open world environment where you play as a robot who has to explore the world created by your creator “Elohim” but avoid climbing a specific tower. You have to solve difficult and interesting puzzles along the way in ancient times. The game is based in ancient ruins and you solve puzzles and answer questions to find out more and more about your creator, Artificial Intelligence and Humans.

the talos principle

6. Human Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat is a co-op puzzle based game where you play as a character “Bob” who has to explore different landscapes and locations and solve multiple puzzles along the way. The game is best enjoyed with friends and can be played multiplayer as well allowing a gameplay of over 8 players. The sole aim in the game is to reach the exit by solving several puzzles as you progress and reach close to your destination.

human fall flat

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7. Return to Monkey Island

An exciting puzzle game where players are met with different challenges and a hint book to guide them along their way. The game offers a retro look packed with many puzzles and real-world challenges. You have to solve various puzzles along with your crew going through a number of challenges to uncover the secrets of Monkey Island.

return to monkey island

8. The Case of the Golden Idol

This game is not your average puzzle game. In this puzzle game you are to explore a series of mysterious murders, look closely into each one of them, find clues and connect them to uncover the mystery behind these murders and solve the case of the Golden Idol. The pixel art in the game makes it utterly satisfying to play and indulges the players to play more and more.

the case of the golden idol

9. Fez

Fez is a 2d platformer puzzle game. You play as Gomez who is a character living in the 2d world and is revealed the secret of a 3rd dimension where he embarks on a journey to find out more about this twisted alternate reality in a 2d perspective. You have to navigate through 3d structures in a 2d perspective and solve multiple puzzles to uncover the mysteries of your past and find out the truth behind the reality. The game packs within many interesting and exciting puzzles, mysteries, secrets and hidden treasures.

fez game

10. Unheard

Unheard is a mystery puzzle game where you play as a detective who has to look into cases of strange murders happening around you. The twist is that you only have to use sound to understand the clues because there are not any visuals to guide your way. This game forces you to listen closely and pay deep attention to the sounds to get a grip of the case and catch the killer. You experience the murders and cases in real-time rather than remaking them from past clues and evidence.

unheard puzzle

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