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Gamers of all ages love the best open world games on Android due to the freedom they offer. Many gamers prefer to play open world games as they allow players to explore a massive world full of little details, continue the story, or complete side quests and progress the character. Open world games offer players a fully interactive environment where they have absolute liberty to engage with their surroundings, giving the players a sense of authority over the game and letting them enjoy the game according to their playstyle. 

As the mobile gaming industry continues to grow, the open-world genre is also developing, giving gamers new and advanced games with substantial open worlds. However, it seems that these days open world games are not played as much as before. Open world games are unacknowledged due to the rising demand for FPS games that give players a relatively fast-paced gaming experience compared to open world games.

Some people still prefer playing open world games to this day due to their slow nature and allowing you to progress the storyline or just simply indulge in the environment and explore all the aspects of the game. Finding the perfect open world game could be difficult as many rip-offs do not live up to the screenshots shown on the play store.

We have filtered out the best open world games for Android with the best graphics and the perfect storyline.

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

 How can we miss Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas when talking about the top 10 open world games for Android? GTA: SA is among the best open world games in the whole gaming industry that to this day, gives modern games a competitive edge both in terms of gameplay and story. The game is known to provide gamers with engaging gameplay ranging from turf wars with gangs and various mini-games and little details widespread all across the map. 

GTA: San Andreas has been a leading open world game and is loved by players to this day for its incredible storyline and immersive gameplay. The game offers a huge open world with various locations like Forests, Cities, and Sub Urbs that are full of details all along. Apart from that, the game also offered a wide collection of vehicles ranging from fast sports cars  and bikes to air and sea crafts.

The GTA franchise is known to offer a fascinating storyline and a perfect single-player experience. Rockstar is known for creating some of the best open world experiences ever to exist. Many of these open world games are also available on mobile devices, including some of the major titles like Bully, Max Payne, and the GTA Series.

2. Eve Echoes

An action-packed MMORPG that lets you indulge in a vast space where you can interact with literally everything in your surroundings. The game really does the impossible by putting you in a massive open world where you embark on a space journey. The game features a multiplayer gameplay where you can work in teams with other fellow players or set to explore all by yourself in this strange ancient alien world.eve echoes open world game

Eve Echoes draws inspiration from the renowned game Eve Online. It lets players experience similar gameplay by allowing them to traverse the never-ending galaxy, engage in war with other players, mine their own resources, or steal them from others. The game imitates a whole space adventure with captivating gameplay and advanced physics, all at the ease of your mobile device.

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3. Minecraft

One of the most played and among the world’s best games on mobile that surpasses major titles like GTA. Minecraft has been a great addition to the gaming industry and has provided gamers with a remarkable gameplay experience for over a decade. Numerous open world games have been created in recent years, but none has even come close to the freedom that Minecraft offers. 

Minecraft gives the players absolute freedom and allows them to create anything, and gives them a chance to unleash their creativity without any restrictions. In Minecraft, Your only limit is your imagination. The game offers two game modes, i.e., Creative and Survival. minecraft game

In the creative mode, players have ample resources and can create just about anything ranging from vast galaxies to huge houses and even innovative machines that can be tailored to perform any task the player wants. Whereas, in the survival mode, players are left stranded on an island where they must survive by collecting resources, seeking shelter from dangerous creatures, and crafting tools that will help them mine. 

4. Genshin Impact

Love Legend of Zelda but don’t want to buy a Nintendo Switch? Try taking a look at Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact is the best open world game for Android as it offers a similar open world gameplay to Legend Of Zelda games. 

The game is a fantasy RPG that is loved by players all along due to its immersive gameplay and breathtaking visuals with massive attention to detail. The game allows users to fully indulge in the game by exploring the enormous open world, moving further in the storyline, and completing various quests.genshin impact game

The game takes place in the tremendous world of Tevyat, which is the homeland of seven tribes. Each of these tribes is ruled by a God that is based on one of a few elements like Fire, Water, air, and many more. Based on one of these elements, the game lets players fight with multiple creatures. Players must fight their foes wisely and use their attacks according to the element they are made of.

5. Ark: Survival Evolved

An open world survival game based in a Jurassic world where you are set to survive on a strange island full of mysterious creatures ranging from dinosaurs to menacing sea creatures. Ark: Survival Evolved offers promising gameplay with crisp graphics and realistic game physics.

The game allows players to tame and hunt creatures, scavenge for resources, build their shelter, and craft useful tools that will help them survive. You can also use your tamed dinosaurs to fight other players in the multiplayer mode and travel across the map quickly.ark survival evolved open-world

The game contains a massive map with various biomes with varying conditions like weather and the difficulty of creatures that you can switch between. You can also form teams with other players and make communities to work and survive together in a world full of unique dinosaurs.

6. Gangster Vegas

If you want to experience a game similar to GTA for free, then Gangster Vegas is something that you should give a shot. Gangster Vegas is a considerable alternative to the popular game franchise Grand Theft Auto. The game is based in Las Vegas, as the name suggests, where you play as a fighter who gets involved in the world of crime.gangstar vega open-world game

In Gangster Vegas, you are free to do anything that you can do in GTA, from fighting people to stealing vehicles and even progressing the storyline. The game consists of a substantial number of vehicles and weapons that are sure to provide you a perfect open world experience and will make you feel like you are experiencing the best game in the world for Android.

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7. Life After

A classic zombie survival game based in an open world, drawing inspiration from the famous game DayZ. The game offers multiplayer gameplay where players can come in contact with other players and form communities to survive effectively. The game works around the typical survival game idea, where you must search for supplies, fortify your shelter, and protect yourself from the zombies using strategies and tactics.survive restart the world game

The game offers impressive graphics and an enjoyable gameplay that will make it hard for you to get off your device. The game also features a storyline that you can continue by pursuing missions along the way. The game offers a wide variety of weapons and traps that can also be traded with other players for better items. Life After gives players a unique open world survival experience by letting them interact with other players and enjoy an enormous world in a post-apocalyptic setting.

8. Goat Simulator

Ever thought of being a goat and slamming everything with your head? If you have ever had similar thoughts cross your mind, then you might want to give Goat Simulator a try. Goat Simulator is said to be in some of the best open world games for Android that offers players a fun open world experience. If you are wanting to release your frustration and turn it into a few good laughs, then you should definitely play this game.goat simulator 3 open-world game

The game lets you play as a goat who can do pretty much anything it wants to. You can destroy buildings and structures, bump into bystanders, and cause as much destruction as possible in return for points. Your only objective in the game is to roam around and destroy everything in sight. The game also lets you attach things to your tongue by licking them and enabling you to carry them around until you decide to let them go.

9. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an acclaimed game for PC and consoles that is loved by players for pixel art-like graphics, immense open world, and fun gameplay. The game offers a pretty much similar gameplay as PC and consoles in the comfort of your mobile devices.stardew valley open-world game

In Stardew Valley, You are held responsible for a farm that has been passed down to you by your grandfather, and it is up to you to cultivate the land and release its maximum potential. Along with farming, you can also wander around your town and befriend the people in your surroundings, where you might even find a partner for yourself, go fishing on the beach, and scavenge the forest for useful items.

10. Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO can easily be called the biggest open world game and ranks among the best open world games on Android. Though the fact that Pokemon GO stands among open world games may be surprising to many as it is a totally different genre of gaming than Pokemon GO, if you look at it closely, the game does offer you the whole world. It lets you catch Pokemons everywhere around you.pokemon go open-world game

The game offers gyms and Poke stops that are widespread worldwide, where you can travel in real life to collect items or battle other players. Pokemon GO offers enjoyable gameplay allowing players to hatch eggs, complete missions, take over gyms, and let them fight other players in real-time.

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